Management solution for organizations providing advanced analytics

Prehos Organizational and Advanced Analytics Management provides various visual and intuitive dashboards to allow intervening parties to focus on key metrics and improve operations through Intelligent Dispatch, Electronic Health Record for community paramedecine and ePCR, fleet management and finances.

Prehos Advanced Analytics is a hands-on solution for powerful data interpretation

Understand ongoing operations and performances like never before thanks to a one-click access to clinical and operational metrics as well as basic measures. Sometimes, management requires more global reports, and other times we need more detailed reports. Prehos adapts itself to your needs.

Prehos Advanced Statistics is a user-friendly tool which allows for the creation of personalized dashboards and improvement of performances.


Supervisor tool

With Prehos, supervisors can access information regarding teams, incidents and fleet from anywhere. Accessible from any device, the various dashboards allow for analyzing the global picture of field-collected data quickly and efficiently.

History, interventions and work sessions tracking

It is possible to consult data regarding each performed transportation and to display a map of the intervention (departing location, intervention location and final destination). The map displays a view with coloured dots representing the data collected during the itinerary and is superimposed on Google Maps. It is even possible to know the speed and direction of the vehicle at every step of the itinerary.



Quick payment of each reimbursable service is crucial to ensure constant provision of the best services to the community. Prehos uses business intelligence taking into account the majority of the steps for equipment, material and financial data management.

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