Community Paramedicine (EHR) & ePCR

Prehos revolutionizes prehospital care technologies and marks the end of conventional solutions such as ePCR.

Whether for emergency interventions (ePCR) or community paramedecine, Prehos’ electronic health record (EHR) facilitates the production of complete quality clinical documentation. Data computerization is highly simplified; paramedics can now dedicate more time to patient care.

Electronic health record (EHR) for the Community Paramedicine

Representing a future path for emergency care, the Community Paramedicine Program enables organizations and healthcare facilities to be proactive and to get better work tools for the benefit of each intervening party. It has been demonstrated that community paramedicine reduces early readmissions to hospitals as well as the 911 calling frequency and raises awareness among patients with chronic diseases to better manage their needs. The electronic health record (EHR) for Community Paramedicine was developed in cooperation with world leaders.

Improved decision-making to provide the best treatment

Prehos' electronic health record (EHR) is more than a documentation tool; it is a reference application that helps to make the best real-time decisions.

The patient record allows the access to someone's medication list, allergies, medical history and other critical data.

Close monitoring is possible thanks to a module indicating the tasks to be performed, the completed tasks, the planned reassignments, the non-completed tasks as well as the recurring tasks.

You may reconfigure the patient's electronic health record upon request by adding any data entry fields.

Our solution enables to use the patient's electronic record as one of the best reference tools and to connect it to other facilities' electronic files.

Allows permanent accessibility to patient data and interventions

The Prehos electronic record mobile application was designed for emergency healthcare and Community Paramedicine. Its functionalities are focused on the patient rather than on the tasks or incidents.

The use of the application is intuitive throughout the steps of the data collection process, particularly by notifying intervening parties of the required data.

The Prehos mobile application enables to consult and define objectives regarding the patient, analyze the history of previous visits and identify tendencies in order to adapt care for each visit.

Critical data regarding patients may be transferred to attending physicians or to the hospital's emergency team.


Gather and transmit data expeditiously

Prehos eliminates time-consuming reports and easily and precisely shares data with hospitals. The transmission of data regarding interventions, images, videos and ECGs is done wirelessly, safely and in real time in order to notify the emergency department staff and enable optimal preparation.

Prevent to better prepare

Prehos dashboard intended for emergency departments. It sends alerts to the emergency department personnel in order to prepare for patient arrivals. Critical information about patients such as their medical record, their photo or even videos taken with a smartphone or a tablet by the intervening parties allows improving the preparation prior to a patient's arrival.


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