Make better decisions

With a complete overview of intervention activities.

Save time on task

By accessing a unique patient record that is updated in real time.

Increase performance

With targeted reports.


Community paramedicine software


The patient is at the center of Prehos’s Care Management community paramedicine software. Each has a single health record that lists his/her medications and allergies, medical history, progress notes, images and other data critical.

Prehos’s electronic patient records are a powerful and flexible reference tool that facilitates informed decision making.

A path forward

Community paramedicine provides paramedics the means to act proactively in patient care. Prehos has created a comprehensive support package that includes all clinical data in one electronic file accessible to authorised interveners which enables them to anticipate needs.

Our community paramedicine software was developed in partnership with world leaders in the community paramedicine and home care field.

Faster sharing of critical information

Prehos reports are intuitive and efficient. They enable paramedics to instantly share patients’ clinical documentation with hospitals or their family doctor.

Information is synchronized in real time as data are collected from the field using the Prehos mobile application

Rigorous care monitoring

Prehos simplifies the monitoring of patient care. The community paramedicine mobile application tells paramedics which tasks to perform, to reassign or to complete on an ongoing basis. Patient objectives are defined using the tool.

Interveners also have access to reports of past visits. This enables them to better detect trends in the patient’s health and adapt care accordingly.


EMS and Paramedic Services ePCR software

All information at hand

Prehos automatically checks if an electronic patient care record (ePCR and Community Paramedicine) already exists in its database. When there is a match, the patient’s coordinates and medical history can be synchronized with the current call documentation.

Instant access to past clinical data allows paramedics to make better decisions and saves them precious time so they can concentrate on giving the best care to the patient.

Faster ePCR charting

By making the paramedics’ job easier, Prehos ePCR cuts reporting time by an average of 60%.

  • A picture of the patient’s health insurance card is enough to access his record.
  • Photographs of the scene can be uploaded directly to the case file.
  • No time for typing? Prehos has a built-in speech-to-text feature that will do it for you.

Exchanges in real time with teams in the field

Prehos ePCR Situational Dashboard displays on one screen the status of your team and fleet.

Fleet Status shows the number of vehicles available for call assignment. It displays active calls with call information such as call priority, primary problem, location. It provides vehicle status while on an assigned call such as arrived scene, on route to receiving facility, arrived at receiving facility.

Managers can access basic, clinical and operational metrics about their team’s status at a glance.

Fast, universal and secure data sharing

Prehos Care Management ePCR is designed to facilitate highly secure sharing of clinical information with all recognized care management modules.

The synchronization of intervention, image and ECG data is done in real time with hospitals to alert emergency personnel or the attending physician.

EMS and Paramedic Services ePCR software

Hospital Web-Based Dashboard

Emergency personnel receive alerts through the Prehos Hospital Dashboard, so they can prepare for a patient’s arrival. Health professionals have instant access to a host of critical information including:

  • Clinical Code
  • Estimated time of arrival of the vehicle
  • Age and sex of the patient
  • Case history
  • Vital signs
  • Images captured on the scene
  • ECG
Ambulance pre-arrival dashboard for hospitals

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A complete solution for EMS and Paramedic Services

The Prehos Care Management Web-Based Platform’s ePCR
 and Community Paramedicine modules includes a host of functionalities that are tailored for the needs of managers and supervisors.

Unique electronic patient records

Customization of patient records

Safe updating of clinical data

History of interventions and work sessions

Mapping and location of vehicles in real time

Direct access to vehicle status

List of calls and details

Management of intervention sites

Mobile device management

Vehicle management

Monitored and timed work sessions

Advanced querying functions

Monitoring of typical cases

Data sampling

Frequent updates and quality assurance

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