Share information more effectively

With continual two-way communication.

Get there faster

With state-of-the-art mapping and route planning.

Focus on what matters

Through automation and intelligent analysis capabilities.


Getting to the patient faster and with accurate medical information

Prehos Intelligent Dispatch optimizes response team assignment and route planning. Our innovative technology leverages real time ergonomic collection and analysis of vehicle location, routing data and provides important information about the patient medical situation. The result is a powerful managing and dispatching decision support tool.

Constant two-way communication

Prehos’s web-based platform facilitates permanent, real time communication between the dispatchers and their drivers.
Our technology fosters secure sharing of critical information between the dispatchers and their field teams regarding status, location, time required to make transfers and event scheduling.

Precise and up-to-date navigation directives

Prehos Intelligent Dispatch enables road teams to focus on their assignments without having to worry about keeping abreast of constant changes in traffic.

The application suggests optimal routing and decision support indicators ranging from navigation time, to distance between pick-up points and destinations.
Supervisors have access to an intuitive dashboard that indicates the location and status of every vehicle in the fleet.

Easy transport management for all

Prehos provides health establishments and patients the opportunity to easily plan their transport needs. Requests are automatically integrated into the Intelligent Dispatch web-based solution.

Simplified finances

Prehos leverages intelligent automation of financial management tasks in order to make your life easier. The application includes everything from ensuring quick payment of reimbursable services to management of equipment acquisitions and accounting data.

Our financial management module integrates perfectly with Quickbooks and other accounting solutions.

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A complete solution

Prehos Intelligent Dispatch is a giant step in the future for the logistics of non-emergency medical transport services.

Online and offline functions

Two-way communication

Map continuously updated

Vehicle locations displayed in real time

Direct access to team status

Event timing

Detailed patient coordinates

Patient medical situation

100% integrated transport requests

Billing management

Accounting with Quickbooks and other accounting solutions

Advanced querying functions

Monitoring of typical cases

Data sampling

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