Fleet and material equipment management

Prehos collects data regarding vehicle location, complete activity history as well as inspection and maintenance real-time follow-ups, allowing for better activity management and increased efficiency and profitability.

Vehicle dashboard

Efficiency is increased when more information regarding vehicles is available and when activity monitoring is improved. When paramedics and vehicle drivers implement best management practices regarding vehicles through a real-time data follow-up.


Expense tracking by the teams

The expense tracking module is designed for equipment management. It includes financial statistics as to the cost of vehicles, by year and by expense category. Purchase order and supplier invoice management is also available.

This module enables repair tracking for each vehicle. It allows for the management of internal and external repairs and optimization of the operation cost of the fleet.

Punctual equipment maintenance tracking

Preventive maintenance automated alerts are codified by colour to better notice when vehicles necessitate a mechanical inspection. Inspections and maintenance programs are personalized according to each type of vehicle and equipment. The fleet management software allows tracking repairs and punctual mechanical issues. With each maintenance performed on a vehicle, data is registered and saved in the fleet history.


Smartphone mobile application for mechanical and material inspection

In order to automate the management of mechanical and material inspection rounds, Prehos puts forward a mobile application for smartphones which is connected with the fleet manager. It allows for automatic generation of the necessary data for equipment maintenance as well as seals and equipment tracking. It eliminates the time-consuming work to fill out paper forms regarding maintenance, which makes for huge time savings.

The application also enables to see abnormalities already recorded for a given equipment, thus avoiding the presence of duplicates in the system and reducing the unnecessary workload.

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