Intelligent Dispatch

Prehos puts forward intelligent technological solutions which optimize dispatching operations through cartography and mobile data calculation, enabling the selection of an adequate available vehicle through automated localization. The response delay is improved and critical information is shared precisely and rapidly, thus allowing intervening parties to improve their work and to better serve the community.

Prehos' Intelligent Dispatch optimizes emergency call reception and personnel dispatching while reducing response delays.

Our innovative technology based on ergonomic principles collects the necessary data for operations regarding itineraries in order to facilitate decision-making and to improve work efficiency in terms of future emergency calls.


Prehos puts forward real-time bidirectional communication between dispatchers and paramedics; thus, critical information is shared precisely and continually.

Prehos Mobile Application, with the help of Google Maps' road data, ensures information exchange on paramedic team status as well as required activity time and location. Chronometry is automatically registered and communicated to the management tool to enable continuous tracking of events.

In case of Internet connection loss, Prehos may operate offline. Data are then safely registered on mobile terminals and automatically transmitted when the Internet connection is re-established.

Precise decision-making assistance with real-time updated data

Through Google's constantly updated road maps, Prehos allows intervening parties to work without worrying about traffic variations. Moreover, Prehos proposes an optimal itinerary for the vehicle type as well as decision-making support indicators such as navigation time and distance to the closest hospital facilities. Communication of the status of emergency departments may be added to the service.

Supervisors work with a management dashboard displaying a map of their service area and showing each vehicle's location and status. They can also consult the complete information regarding each vehicle and prevent potential incidents requiring analysis.


Preprogrammed transportation management

Prehos allows for care centers and patients to plan their transportation request by automatically integrating data to the Intelligent Dispatch solution. Patients may follow their vehicle's location online and plan its arrival.