We’re hiring a Software Developer

We don’t care about your experience, you just have to be great

We are looking for someone smarter than us

We want you to share your opinions and your knowledge to help us be better

You have to be great in customer experience because we love our paramedics

You don’t work for us, you work for the paramedics

You have to be meticulous because your code could help to save lives

• You have to be autodidact because we are always on emergencies

Your work schedule… What’s that 🤪

Where will you work? In the #1 Millennial Hot Spot in Canada, Quebec City

Parler l’anglais c’est bien, mais parler aussi le français, c’est mieux !

#.NETCore   #Swift   #iOS   #SaaS   #SecurityByDesign   #AI   #UX   #Fun    #Passion   #Sirens   #Ambulance