Mobile application for smartphones and tablets

Robust mapping, accurate data

The Prehos mobile application provides efficient data exchange regarding in-service team status, the time and the location of activities while providing crucial road information thanks to Google Maps. Chronometry is automatically recorded and transmitted in order to preserve event details as they happen.


Patients first

Prehos' electronic health record mobile application was specifically designed for emergency mobile healthcare (ePCR) while focusing on the patients' needs instead of on the incident.

Its use is intuitive throughout the data collection process, specifically by informing intervening parties of the required information.

The Prehos mobile application enables to consult and define the objectives regarding the patient, analyze previous visits' history and identify the tendencies in order to adapt the care provided on each visit.

Patients' critical data may be transmitted to attending physicians or to the hospital's emergency department personnel.

Continous access to electronic health records (EHR)

Prehos' mobile application enables the management of electronic health records (EHR), which can be adapted to many areas requiring them such as home care and "Community Paramedicine".

Its ergonomic interface enables users to access patient information safely and to edit it; the modifications will be immediately accessible to the entire service.


Mobile application for the fleet manager

In order to automate the management of material and mechanical inspections, we created the Prehos smartphone mobile application for fleet management. It allows to automatically generate the required maintenances on equipment, seals and equipment traceability. It eliminates the need for filling out paperwork by fleet managers. Therefore, precious time is saved.

The application identifies abnormalities already pointed out on equipment, thus avoiding duplicates in the system and directly reducing the managers' workload.

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